Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet Daisy Doodle!!!

Cuddling with Ryan's "Rudy bear"

My great-nephew Noah came for a visit and a few hugs for Daisy

This is our new puppy "Daisy"! She is a 10 week old Golden-doodle. She is the calmest puppy I have ever had. I decided I needed a companion since I missed Tessa everyday. After going to my daughters house to help with her new pup, he taught me how calm I was when I had a dog around. I work from home so much that I need someone around. Daisy is that girl! Well...I should admit that once she met our son Ryan, that was it "Love at first sight". She sleeps with him, carries his teddy bear around when he isn't home and cries for him if he leaves the room...My dog?? not so sure anymore, lol. So all my friends...this is Daisy Doodle!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by. I love reading your comments and I appreciate your scrappy support! Have a wonderfully happy scrappy day! Lynn


Brianna Marshall said...

aw what a sweet girl!congrats on the new family addition!

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely adorable - I want her too :) Elizabeth x

Cindy Gay said...

What a sweet puppy. You'll have to look for a piece of fabric like the pups to use for "scrapbooking material". Have a good day!

madscrappertoo said...

She is sooooooooooo cute!!!! Love her.. Good choice and she will be the bestest friend.. hahah I got to see her!! :))


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