Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 2013 - Photo A Day

Morning!!! Well I did it!! I took a photo a day for the whole month..whohoooo! I love the Project 365 app for my phone, because the best thing it does is remind you to take your photo every day! So.. I thought I would put the calendar on my blog so I can document why I took each of those photos, lol. Then when I need to scrap them... they are all ready! So it's going to be long.. don't feel you need to read them all, lol.

1. That's me in my studio, uncut and hair in a ponytail.
2. Cuddling with my Daisy doodle.
3. My best friend Ellen came for a visit.
4. My bro-in-laws birthday bash.
5. Hubs studying with Jax.
6. My new hat and scarf.
7. Coffee at Tim's with Sis.
8. We reached a high of zero!!!
9. My She-Art Mugs finally arrived.
10. Bo Bunny is in da house!!!
11. My new screen saver.. lovin those piggies.
12. Big Boy Jax having a snooze.
13. My new Grand puppy Lil Jax.
14. The weather forecast.
15. My red Bo Bunny purse...Love it.
16. The Winter stand I made.
17. My little Tessa... one year ago today she passed away in my arms. I miss my girl.
18. My friend Ashley dropped off flowers and a couple magazines for me as a surprise.
19. Ryan cuddling Jax.
20. Big J trying to levitate the cinnamon bun.
21. My birdhouse in the backyard.
22. A nice cup of Caramel Mocha.
23. Playing with Mama Razzi.
24. My garden weather gauge... -5!
25. Daisy's new doo!
26. The doodle attack, lol
27. The piggy bank my Grandma bought me when I was 5!
28. Playing with my new box of Quick Quotes
29. -28C today with a windchill of -42
30. The new fancy pink walking shoes.
31. Ashley heading home.. I thought she looked adorable in that hat!

Wow..finally done.. now off to take a photo for February 1st!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I love reading your comments and I appreciate your scrappy support! Have a wonderfully happy scrappy day! Lynn


Buffy Esser said...

woohoo...congrats on taking one everyday! Your dogs are just so cute and I love the piggy screensaver :o)

Cindy Gay said...

You did a great job. This will be a great one to look back on.

Tracey Sabella said...

What a great app!! Love the photos!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

KellyCreates said...

This is a brilliant idea! You might even get me doing 365....if I get a new phone. ha ha


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