Monday, February 15, 2016

Whimsy Bible Art Cards

 Good Morning and Happy Monday! ( Who EVER says Happy Monday? lol).. Today I'm sharing some art cards I'm working on and how this all came to be. So let's get started!!
Genesis Bible Art Cards by Lynn Shokoples
This month in our One Little Word class, we are doing a daily practice. I wanted to find something I can continue with for the whole year!
I am doing a daily bible study from the Women's Devotional Bible, which I am absolutely loving. I am finding I  like to read and answer questions. So far, so good! My one problem is that I have a hard time writing. I have Essential Tremor which means my hands shake ALOT some days. So most of my documenting is done via computer. Now.. how to document my devotions, since I can't just write in a journal...hmmm Daytimer? Art Journal? Midori? I started playing with them all. ( I actually even made my own fauxdori), and searched Instagram! Nothing seemed to be just right. Then I packed up, went to my sisters and between the two of us we came with the idea of art cards. Something fun to create, I can do wiggly lines, and it sounded like the perfect solution.

Genesis Bible Art Cards by Lynn Shokoples
 The devotional has 3 questions a day, so I am answering one this year, and next year will pick a different one.Each book of the Bible will have the same themed cards, which makes them easier to decorate. These cards are all from the Book of Genesis, so a flower themed came to be.
Genesis Bible Art Cards by Lynn Shokoples
 The back of the cards also have their own theme, faith stamps from BoBunny and circle borders.
Genesis Bible Art Cards by Lynn Shokoples

Much thanks goes to Patter Cross for the inspiration on how to start making art cards. She is one talented lady! Also, some books of the bible have only one or two devotionals, so I will be sharing them on my Instagram page  and   Pinterest.  I would love for you to join me there.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I love reading your comments and I appreciate your scrappy support! Have a wonderfully happy scrappy day! Lynn


Michelle Tercha said...

Beautiful cards, Lynn, great idea. You are so talented! Lovely, and inspiring. Michelle t (Michelle Lynne from OLW):)

Stephanie H said...

Your cards are beautiful! What size are they? What Womens' Devotional are you using?

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhh these are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BusyB said...

Lynne, I am happy to find you. These art cards are beautiful. Your OLW work is wonderful, too.

Lynn said...

Hi Stephanie! My cards are 4x6. I thought I would keep them photo size in case I want to put them into protective sleeves. My bible is called the Women's Devotional Bible. I am really loving the devotions and the questions.


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